Department of management sciences


The Department of Management Sciences is one of the pioneer departments of the university. It started its functioning in January, 2013. The department initially started four years Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program. It focuses to explore the new business models both from the perspective of economy and society.  With a particular emphasis on the core subjects of human resource management, marketing and finance, the program enables students to make management decisions in corporate world and put their contribution in the sustainable development of the country. Department of Management Sciences at Khushal Khan Khattak University offers its students experience of learning business education with strong theoretical and practical grounds.

The Department of Management Sciences also has post graduate programs including MS and PhD in Management Sciences. This department has total four Assistant Professors, seven Lecturers, and one Teaching Assistant. There is an active Research Cell which has been assigned the task of training faculty and students, for writing research papers and developing research proposals. Field research has been a major focus of the department. The goal of the Department of Management Sciences is to become a reputable department with highly qualified faculty and facilities by providing excellence through business education and research in emerging fields. The future goals of the department are to train and develop professionals in many new fields. The Department of Management Sciences emphasizes on uniqueness and creativity in its programs.

The Department of Management Sciences strives to contribute to the broader social role in providing high quality academic programs characterized by cutting-edge technologies and modern managerial practices. It has emerged as the most dynamic and vibrant department. Its current enrolment is among the highest in KKKUK and committed to the objective of preparing students at par with the market trends. The Department of Management Sciences strives to contribute to the broader social role in providing high quality academic programs characterized by cutting edge technologies and modern managerial practices.



To attain the status of a leading business school of Pakistan by shaping students and faculty through innovative and practical business education for development of society as a whole


To provide students with a unique and innovative learning experience in a vibrant environment, combining critical reflection and practical skills.

To advance knowledge and develop leaders so as to serve community and the nation.


The Department of Computing Sciences are currently running following Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs.






PhD in Management Sciences

3 Years


MS in Management Sciences

2 Years


BBA (Hons)

4 Years











Email Address

Mobile No


Dr. Sirajud Din            Head of Department                                                      0336-5217851                        

Dr. Faqir Sajjad ul Hassan       Assistant Professor                                              0346-7998990

Dr, Anwar Khan                     Assistant Professor                                    0334-5606406


Mr. Muhammad Shah Din       Assistant Professor                                      0336-1312125

Dr. Abdul Latif                        Lecturer                                                        0343-9254998


Dr. Hassan Ahmad Shah         Lecturer                                                    0333-9676766


Dr. Muhammad Owais            Lecturer                                                       0346-7850911            

Mr. Roman Ullah                    Lecturer                                                                                                           0333-9338558


Mr. Muhammad Ishfaq            Lecturer                                                   0333-5032090


Mr. Naqeeb Ullah                    Lecturer                                                                                                           0314-9448988

Mr. Umair ud Din                    Lecturer                                                                                                           0333-9283179

Dr. Jamshed ur Rehman          Teaching Assistant                                       0333-9714182



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