The Department of Botany, Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak has been established in September 2019. The Department of Botany aims at promoting an integral understanding for utilization of plants and to explore underlying mechanisms for promoting eco-friendly environment. Particular emphasis is laid on focusing the application of current advances in Genomics, Plant Physiology/Anatomy, Ecology, Mycology, DNA recombinant Technology, Sequencing Methods, Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Gene Transformation, Genetic Engineering, Applied Botany, Phyto-Medicines, GMOs and climate change impact assessment on flora of Pakistan. The Department strives at its best to boost the diverse applications of plants and their products and to tackle emerging issues of the rapidly growing population. Currently, the Department of Botany is offering BS program (4 years).


Our vision is to conduct innovative research and teaching on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments.


Our mission is to foster an environment of excellence by attracting and supporting the outstanding students, faculty and staff needed to sustain our vision. We focus on the patterns and processes that enable predictive understanding of plants and their environments at local, regional, and global scales, leading to strengths in the areas of ecology, evolution, and systematics.


Teachers of the Department

  1. Dr. Noor Ul Haq,

Designation: Head of Department,

Qualification: M.Phil, PhD (Plants Biochemistry/Molecular Biology: Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 2013),

Post-Doc: CAS-MPG Partner Institute of Computational Biology, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China,

Research Interest: Plants Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Photosynthesis Evolution



  1. Inayat ur Rahman

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: PhD (Botany), Hazara University, Mansehra.


  1. Kamran Habib

Designation: Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD Botany, University of the Punjab


  1. Alam Zeb

Designation: Lecturer

Qualification: MPhil Botany, University of Science and Technology, Bannu.


  1. Naila Khatoon

Designation: Lecturer

Qualification: MPhil Botany, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


  1. Robi

Designation: Lecturer

Qualification: MPhil Botany, Qurtaba University, Peshawar


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