On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students, the Head of the Department warmly welcomes prospective computer study students to the Department of Computer Science & Bioinformatics. Since computer studies have become widely recognized discipline and essential source for advancement in communication, sociology, education, psychology, economics and politics therefore, it offers the computer scientists scores of excitements and challenging opportunities.

Almost every aspect of modern life involves computing – from mobile phones, TVs, planes, trains, cars to gaming, security and medicine. Every organization’s payroll, customer records and finances are held electronically, which sometimes contain millions of records. The digital world is really upon us. Looking to the future, initiatives such as cloud computing will connect us all through small portable devices, enhancing social networking and allowing us to exchange audio and video data from our daily lives.

Keeping in mind the absolute dependence of the contemporary world on Information Technology, the programs offered by the department, are tailored towards producing computer scientists, capable of achieving new heights in innovation and enhancement of technology, to provide the world a better tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2013, the department has played significant role in setting new standards of research and teaching. However, the future still holds many challenges for the department, and we are confident that with a team of dedicated researchers, experienced faculty members and supportive administrative staff, this department will excel in quality of research and teaching in very short time.


Competitive and conducive environment for research, discovery and learning”



To combine the theoretical and practical aspects of computer technology and its uses in modern world. The program will equip the students with essential skills to the fundamental nature of computation, work placement and career edge in society.



Dr.Muhammad Inam Ul Haq

Assistant Professor (Head Department of computer science)

Specialization : Image processing

Dr. Ghani Ur Rehman

Lecturer in department of Computer Science

Specialization : Internet of Things

Tariq usman

Lecturer in department of Computer Science

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Shad Muhammad

Lecturer computer science

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Dr. muhammad zubair

assistant professor in department of computer science

Specialization : Communication and Information System

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