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The Department of Psychology, Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak, is a department of higher studies and research in Psychology. It was established in 2019 with an aim to offer students learning psychology education with strong theoretical and practical ground to train and develop many professionals. The Department of Psychology aims to aspire to become a reputable department with highly qualified faculty and facilities by providing excellence through psychology education and research in emerging fields. The main focus of the Department is to establish a well-equipped and well reputed Psychology Institute.

The Department of Psychology is in the phase of development and the BS program focuses to explore the new theories both from the perspective of health and society. BS program emphasizes particularly on the core subject of clinical, organizational and educational psychology to enable students to work effectively in specialized fields.



The department of Psychology is intended for providing students with knowledge and skills about mind, brain, and behavior through innovative and rigorous courses. This department aims to be the best department of Pakistan by providing rich experiential learning opportunities, comprehending and sharing knowledge by enabling the best tools of learning for students who seeks excellence in human behavior, thoughts and emotions.



  1. The meticulous and contemporary channels of learning benefits students to attain knowledge and deftness more effectively.


  1. Promote mental well-being by sharing knowledge and participating in the awareness programs of Psychology.


  1. Through scientific techniques, department works for students to become intellectually competent.


  1. Encourages and promotes a positive environment, diversity, ethical principles and professional development.


  1. Pursue a proportion between conceptual and hands on perspectives of Psychology while retaining outstanding scholarly precept.


The Department of Psychology is currently running following Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs.



BS Psychology

4 Years


Department intends to offer the following courses in the near future which has already been approved by the Board of Studies.

  1. Associate Degree in Psychology
  2. MPhil in Psychology

iii.        PhD in Psychology









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Dr. Siraj ud Din                                   HOD                                                                 0336-5217851

Miss Mehwish Suleman                      Lecturer

Miss Irum Saba                                   Lecturer

Miss Bibi Shafia                                  Lecturer



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