The world has realized that the economic success of the states is directly depended by the quality of their education systems and that the most effective factor of production is human capital expressed in knowledge, skills, creative abilities and moral qualities of individuals in society.

In the past decade, higher education institutions have been buffeted by a complex set of pressures all over across the globe. Foremost among them is the growing importance of knowledge-led economies that have placed higher education at the centre of national competitiveness agendas. Higher education institutions are increasingly viewed as “economic engines” by policy makers and are essential for ensuring knowledge production through research and innovation and the continuous education of the workforce.


Keeping in view the fact, KKKUK established Quality Enhancement Cell in from its inception, We, at the Quality Enhancement Cell, are now devoted to brace Quality Assurance (QA) processes and implement Quality Enhancement (QE) processes that would help establish, sustain and enhance academic richness, quality-centricity and   innovative research for students.

Working in teams with all stake holders in KKKUK is a key component to implement quality enhancement approaches as per future needs for prolific outcomes in the Polished human resources to serve the society in a best possible manner.

As, Quality enhancement program is a step in the right direction and I need a full cooperation and support from my colleagues for making this University the best University in the Pakistan and to get recognition in the top world Universities. I am grateful to the Worthy Vice-Chancellor for his valuable continuous support and creativity in helping to devise the quality enhancement programs.

Muhammad Shah Din


Directorate of Quality Assurance

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