Program Team

  1. To attend the SAR meetings as and when required.
  2. To ensure that Self Assessment Mechanism is being implemented as per given guidelines.
  3. To collect and document all the information required to fulfill the prescribed standards under each criterion.

Following are the Program Teams of the respective academic departments for the preparation of Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) for the Academic Year 2020-21

Department Program Focal Person Team Members



Computer Science & Bioinformatics


BSCS Mr. Tariq Usman Mr. Shad Muhammad

Mr. Ghani ur Rehman

MSCS Dr. Muhammad Inam ul Haq Dr. Muhammad Zubair

Mr. Arshad Iqbal

BSBI Dr. Abdul Aziz Dr. Saddique ur Rehman

Mr. Abdul Wajid

MSBI Dr. Noor ul Haq Dr. Saddique ur Rehman

Mr. Abdul Wajid



BS-Physics Mr. Shakir Ullah Mr. Junaid Khan

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad

BS-Applied Physics (Nanotechnology) Mr. Shakir Ullah Mr. Junaid Khan

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad

Chemistry BS-Chemistry Dr. Afrasiab ur Rehman Dr. Raza Ullah

Mr. Muhammad Fayaz

Botany BS-Botany Dr. Noor ul Haq Mr. Alam Zeb

Miss. Naila Khan

Zoology BS-Zoology Dr. Abdul Aziz Miss. Zuhra Saif ullah

Miss. Amina Fayaz

Mathematics BS-Mathematics Mr. Shabbir Rehman Mr. Wahid Ullah

Mr. Naeem Abbas

Psychology BS-Psychology Dr. Seraj Ud Din Miss. Mehvish Suleman
English BS-English Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Mr. Fasih ur Rehman

Mr.Badshah Rahman

Communication & Media Studies BS-CMS Mr. Wajahat Karim Mr. Shabeer Ullah

Mr. Basar Ali

Library & Information Sciences BS-LIS Mr. Muhammad Shahab Mr. Muhammad Shahab

Mr. Izhar Muhammad

MLIS Mr. Muhammad Hussain Mr. Izhar Muhammad

Mr. Muhammad Hussain

MPhil LIS Dr. Ghalib Khan Dr. Ghalib Khan

Mr. Muhammad Shahab

Geology BS-Geology Mr. Kamran Shehzad


Mr. Waqar Azeem

Mr. Afrasiab



Management Science

BBA Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad Mr. Naqeeb Ullah

Mr. Roman Ullah

MS Dr. Anwar Khan Mr. Abdul Latif

Mr. Jamshid Ur Rehman

Ph.D Dr. Faqir Sajjad Ul Hassan Mr. Muhammad Ovais

Mr. Hassan Ahmad Shah

Education & Research MPhil Dr. Javed Mustafa Mr. Uzair Ullah
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